St. James Fellowship     1467 Madden Drive     Monroeville, PA  15146

Our Story

In 2010, Reverend John Patterson began his ministry to persons with Alzheimer’s disease at Arden Courts of Monroeville. This facility did not have a staff chaplain, though many of its residents had been active church members during their life-times. Reverend Patterson shared with them his friendship and understanding of their experiences and limitations. Per-sonal visits with residents addressed their depression, loneliness, and frustration. By listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending these individuals, he replaced their lost ties to the church with a new kind of fellowship.

Soon, Reverend Patterson’s ministry in-cluded regular Bible Studies, worship, communion, prayer, spiritual counseling, fellowship and hymn singing, which restored familiar, meaningful spiritual practices to the lives of ministry participants – whether patients or their caregivers. The work quickly expanded to include additional assisted living, nursing care and dementia care facilities in Monroeville, PA as well as a dozen in-dividuals living at home. The objective: to share the hope and love of the Good News of Jesus Christ on a regular basis in small groups, large groups and one-on-one encounters.
Today, the St. James Fellowship reaches 150 of the more than 450 residents living at seven facilities in Pittsburgh’s east suburbs, as well as their caregivers and family members. When residents of these facilities require hospital stays, Reverend Patterson continues to minister to them through the hospital, recovery and rehabilitation processes. In addition, SJF visits individuals in several rehabilitation facilities and hospitals.

St. James fellowship

St. James Fellowship’s

Eight Guiding Precepts

1. Love God and come near to him
– James 4:6b-10, Mark 12:28-34

2. Love your neighbor as yourself

– Matthew 22:34-40

3. Pray  
    – I Thess. 5:17, James 5:14-18 ,

4. Read and know his Word

    – II Timothy 2:15

5. Fellowship with his people and
     receive  Holy Communion

     – Hebrews 10:25

6. Have the right belief
     – John, Romans, James,
        Apostles’ Creed

7. Have the right life
     – Matthew 5:1-12,
      Galatians 5:22-26
8. Have the right heart  
     – Hebrews 4:12, Matthew 15:7-20