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Originally from Morgantown, West Virginia, Lee was a journalist who had studied at WVU. Late in life, Lee’s daughter and son-in-law pointed her to the saving love of Jesus Christ. In the spring of 2008, a week before Easter, she accepted Jesus as her Savior and Lord. Within a year, following several falls, physical ailments and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Lee moved into Arden Courts in Monroeville. It was here that the St. James Fellowship began.

In a short time, John and Lee became great friends.  She was a gracious soul, always happy to listen to the Word of God.  The two of them could often be found reading the Bible, discussing its teachings, praying, and singing hymns. Theirs was a bond of faith and friendship. Lee became faithful in attending John’s regular chapel services, and was always eager to take part in small group devotions. Though it was difficult watching her decline both physically and mentally, she always – by God’s grace - persevered in her faith, which was confirmed and solidified to the end. Her earthly journey ended in November 2015.

Lee’s care at Arden Courts was of great benefit to her, and she was further supported by a caring family, and the ministry of the St. James Fellowship. She was a humble yet dignified spirit and an example of the childlike faith that endures even through challenging physical and mental circumstances.  We miss her. And we glorify Christ in the privilege of having served her.

John gave her a Bible and soon Pauline was attending weekly Bible Studies and wor-ship services. By her questions, it was clear she desired to know more about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

After six months as a resident, Pauline was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She and John had more conversations about the faith. It was clear that she was seeking God's forgiveness, which she found by hearing the word of God and placing her trust in Christ. 
Some time later,  Reverend  Patterson had the privilege of conducting Pauline's funeral  service. It was there that her salvation and the ministry of the St.  James Fellowship were confirmed to him by Pauline's cousin.

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About Lee

Julie is an 84-year-old woman living at one of the seven facilities we currently serve in the Monroeville, PA area. Julie attends most of our services and enjoys the Christian fellowship provided by the St. James Fellowship.  When she received a cancer diagnosis, she was not fearful.  She prayed and we prayed with her. Fellowship, friendship and faith got Julie through months of treatment, and a period of remission that followed.  Her faith continues to be strong, even though her cancer has recurred. We praise the Lord for this and are grateful for the opportunities we have had to bless Julie and to be blessed by her experience.

Though Pauline had a church back-ground that was largely Protestant, she had been hardened by life.  Over time, she wandered from the Lord and from her church ties of the past.  

Following a stroke, Pauline assumed residency at one of Monroeville, PA's  assisted living facilities.  There she developed a friendship with Reverend John Patterson and a renewed interest in spiritual matters. 

Where We Serve

Currently, SJF serves the spiritual needs of elderly and disabled persons living in seven facilities in Pittsburgh’s east suburbs.  

  • Arden Courts, Monroeville
  • Beatty Point, Monroeville
  • Hamilton Hills, Turtle Creek
  • Independence Court, Monroeville
  • Pointe Pleasant,
    North Versailles

  • Sarah Care, Forest Hills
  • Seneca Village, Penn Hills
  • Woodhaven, Monroeville

From time to time these locations change based on individual needs and desires for the services provided by SJF.  In addition, SJF currently serves 10-12 disabled and/or elderly persons who are being cared for at home by family members or other caregivers.

About Pauline

Why does this mission exist?  Because Jesus Christ calls us to do it.  We serve our Savior by bringing those with great need under the influence of the Gospel.  It is both a responsibility and a privilege to proclaim the Good News, serve Holy Communion, counsel the weary, and offer help for the troubles of life that our aged and disabled friends bear.

SJF serves the aging, people with MS, those with dementia, and still others with various physical or mental illnesses or injuries. Many are widows. Life for all these folks can be hard.  Some are wonderful Christians and others are still searching.  We serve them in a way that is consistent and unique, shining as lights in a dark world.  We are the church to them. 

Another part of our work is reaching out to people who are dying.  We bring them hope and encouragement, sharing the salvation of the merciful Christ.